Grand Fir

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Grand Fir

Stately and beautiful, this is every bit a grand species, prized for its use as an ornamental value to any landscape, it also has a beautiful citrus sent that your sure to love. A perfect choice for any landscape but especially notable is the stunning christmas tree look in winter once snow falls.

Native to our area this evergreen is naturally found in two regions: the Pacific coast from British Columbia to California, and in the interior, from Alberta to Idaho. Hardy to USDA zone 6, this species is found most commonly at low elevations on north-facing slopes.

Cones on Grand Fir trees always point up, this will help tell the tree apart when the cones are apparent.

The tree typically grows to 40–70 m in height. Leave adequate space when planting. There are two varieties, the taller coast grand fir, found west of the Cascade Mountains, and the shorter interior grand fir, found east of the Cascades. It was first described in 1831 by David Douglas.

The bark has historical medicinal properties, and it is popular in the Canada as a Christmas tree. If fact its the most desired christmas tree there is, fetching top dollar during the christmas season.


glossy green needles



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Upright cone example


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