Sport Fields

  • whistler landscaping portfolio
  • whistler landscaping portfolio

About This Project

Municipal & Private sports fields, are a huge responsibility. Not only are they a symbol of community pride (or shame!), they are where our children play, where we exercise on the weekends and often even host community-based events.


Currently 4 full-size soccer fields and 3 full size bearable fields  have charged their care to our team here at Super Natural Landscapes. Why are so many community sport and municipal fields entrusting their care to us? Because beauty is in the details.


We begin our care with soil corrections, PH level assessments, and physical soil analysis. When we have the results from that we move to topdressing, overseeding, aerating, fertilizing and watering. And of course, let’s not forget about the all-important cutting 1-2x per week. You’d be amazed the effort, science and care that goes into a stunning sports field.