Soil Analysis/ Custom Fertilizer

Why Take A Whistler Landscaping Soil Sample?


Without a soil analysis—it’s nearly impossible to determine what a soil needs in order to be most productive for Whistler landscaping. Laboratory soil analyses (soil tests) provide critical information on your soil’s available nutrient-supplying capacity. This information helps you select the correct kind and amount of fertilizer and liming material, which helps you develop and maintain more productive soil. Following these guidelines properly will provide a lush lawn and gardens with maximum flowering potential.


Are you serious about your Whistler landcsping ? If you are, a soil test is a must to achieve an enviable lawn. If you’ve wondered ‘how do these other properties maintain lush and super-green lawns?”, they’ve likely done a soil analysis and responded accordingly. The results will truly speak for themselves, and the cost efficiency of the test can help prevent expensive lawn restoration services in the future.


Ask us about performing a soil sample on your property/properties.